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Ajax FireProtect 2 (Black)

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Ajax FireProtect 2 (BLACK)

The FireProtect 2 from AJAX Systems integrates specifications of their orginal FireProtect to notify users of a potential fire to the user’s mobile immediately. Providing vital information to help aid an end users’ actions following a notification.


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Technical Specifications

Ajax FireProtect Hub (Black)

The Ajax FireProtect Hub (Black) is an advanced wireless fire detector integrated with a precision temperature sensor. This cutting-edge device diligently and continuously monitors room security, ensuring unwavering surveillance. Furthermore, it promptly dispatches notifications in response to the presence of smoke or abrupt temperature spikes, guaranteeing your safety and delivering absolute peace of mind. (Learn more)

Principle of operation

This sophisticated system employs a state-of-the-art camera featuring a highly sensitive photoelectric sensor, enabling it to effectively detect even the minutest traces of smoke. In scenarios where smoke detection is absent, the supplementary detector springs into action, swiftly registering any substantial upticks in room temperature.



Notably, this system boasts the unique capability to operate autonomously, separate from the central hub, initiating a fire alarm through its built-in siren. What’s more, its collaborative approach allows multiple detectors to concurrently indicate an alarm condition, thus substantially elevating the reliability and overall effectiveness of the alert system. (More details)

Ajax FireProtect Hub (Black); Installation and set up

This device is engineered for immediate deployment with its pre-installed battery, obviating the need for any disassembly. With just a single click, you can effortlessly establish a seamless connection to the hub through the dedicated mobile application. In mere minutes, you can securely affix it onto the SmartBracket, simplifying and expediting the installation process.

Choose the most suitable Ajax set in 2 minutes

We encourage you to provide us with specific details regarding your security requirements. Armed with this information, we will meticulously curate a bespoke set of detectors and devices tailored precisely to your premises, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored security solution. (Learn More)



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